2020 FLLD AI LECTURE 3 / Betty Wu


Betty Wu 吳珮伃

Lecture Topic

How can Non-Tech Graduates Transition Into Business Analytics

Biographical Note

Failed 2 times at learning how to code, Betty finally got the hang of programming and created a simple inventory management system(VBA), HSR ticket booking system(C#), and used SQL to personalize the customer journey.

Betty is an Associate Consultant on CRM Salesforce at PwC, Big Four Consulting. Extensive experience in the field of CRM, Product Management, and B2B and B2C marketing. She is also a blogger of bettywutalk.com and hosts of two Study Groups: Data Analysis & Trading. Betty is the living proof that everyone can be a Tech Star!


  1. CRM Salesforce Associate Consultant, PwC Taiwan (全球四大資誠創新諮詢顧問公司)
  2. NTU Consulting Club
  3. Data Analyst Intern, Cameo Technology
  4. Visiting Scholar & 180K Fundraiser, UC Berkeley
  5. Search Engine Optimization Intern, AmazingTalker
  6. Product Management Intern, VoiceTube
  7. Halal Trip Guru / AI Resume, Founder 
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