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The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLD) was one of the original departments of Tunghai University, established in 1955. At present, the Department focuses on undergraduate courses for Foreign Language majors; with MA courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and English/American Literature; and language courses in Spanish, French, and German for all Tunghai students.


Tunghai FLLD’s unique tradition mandates small classes taught in English, and teacher-student relationships providing students with plenty of individual attention. In its long history, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature has cultivated many well-educated students who are at the forefront in their fields.

Curriculum- UG

1. To have proficient English language skills.
2. To have basic second foreign language skills in German, French, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other Asian languages.

Curriculum- MA

Literary Theory
Literary Research Methods


Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Tunghai University. Discover yourself and unleash endless possibilities. If you are passionate about English and eager to embark on a journey of professional language learning, and cultural exploration, you have come to the right place.

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