This app offers resources and functions for learners of German on the A1.1, A1.2 and A2.1 levels, especially for, but not limited to students of Tunghai University in Taiwan.

The app consists of three parts:

1. Study Resources: Links to a wide variety of useful resources for learners of German in categories such as THU course information, THU teacher contact, audio and video material, literature, important links, etc.

2. Vocabulary & Examples: Vocabulary cards organised according to learning units in German and English, with short examples demonstrating the usage of the vocabulary items in question-answer pairings. The cards include text-to-speech functionality, so that you can listen to the pronunciation of the German words and sentences, and there is a search function letting you filter the shown vocabulary items by entering search terms such as “der”, “das” or “die”.

3. Vocabulary Quiz: Here you can pick the learning unit or units you would like to review, and then do 5-minute quiz sessions of word-meaning and question-answer pairs in multiple choice format. Should you answer a question incorrectly on your first try, you are given a second chance to pick the correct answer.

This application does not collect, store or share personal data.
If you installed this application from Google Play, then Google Play does collect some personal data. Please see the privacy policy for Google Play Services here:


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