Competition of French pronunciation

French 1, FLLD

Description of the competition:

Date: November 2, – November 20, 2009

Place: FLLD

Organizer: Serge Dreyer, Associate Professor

Participants: about 90 students of French 1

Topic: an old French game called “battleship war”

Goals: motivate students to improve the quality of their pronunciation

Organization of the competition: elimination tour organized in class then quarterfinal, semifinal and final organized outside class.

Referees: Naomi Tsai and Serge Dreyer

Rules of the game:

• teams of 5 students

• each team has a checked piece of paper where are written on top letters and syllables and on the right corresponding numbers that students have to pronounce correctly in French

• the combination of letters, syllables and numbers indicate a square

• as a preliminary, each team has drawn a certain number of boats (square or rectangular exclusively) composed of various number of squares

• the goal is to hit the greatest number of squares of the opposite team by just guessing where they have put their boats.

• Penalties are given by the referee in case of incorrect pronunciation