東海大學外國語文學系-最新消息-畢業公演- 2008 東海外文系畢業公演:捕鼠器 Mousetrap

2008 東海外文系畢業公演:捕鼠器 Mousetrap

  • 單位 : 外國語文學系
  • 分類 : 畢業公演
  • 點閱 : 1518
  • 日期 : 2012-02-24


Max, Selina 施品如


Dr. Henk Vynckier 馮翰士副教授


Shelly 楊于萱, Phoenix 余辰維, Miffy 王瑋璇, Rain 蘇文絹, Cheryl 呂家瑋, Carol 蔡佳蓉, Aron 葉星宏, Eugene 陳益君, Ed 許峻杰, Dean 邱劉恩

Stage Crew

Stage Director 舞監:Ray 陳冠安
Set Design 舞台設計:Max 陳仕弦, Ray 陳冠安
Art Design:Betty 洪意林, Miranda 劉之琪
Props 道具組:Shirley 楊筱莉, Betty 洪意林, Ray 陳冠安, May 周筱玫, Miranda 劉之琪, Vanessa
賴美妙, Theresa 高?雲
Costumes and Makeup 服裝與化妝:Alice 李若竹, Lulu 李辰璐
Lighting 燈光:Betty (洪意林)
Sound 音效:May 周筱玫, Ray 陳冠安, Shirley 楊筱莉
Public Promotion 公關:Julia 林品儒
Subtitle 中文字幕:Nikita 李姮君), Ruby 鄭淑貞, Tiffany 吳逸婷


In 2008, the senior class of the Tunghai Department of Foreign Languages and Literature performed The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. This play, which has been praised as one of the greatest murder mysteries in British theater, had its world premiere at the Royal Theatre in London in 1952 and has been in continuous production in the West End of London ever since. A large and enthusiastic team of some 25 students from both the 1st and 2nd Divisions came together and executed to perfection all aspects of the production process: play selection, casting, directing, stage design, fund-raising, etc. Over 100,000 NT was obtained from private sponsors off campus and with the help of these ample human and financial resources the students were able to stage three performances in separate locations around Taichung in May and June 2008. The first performance took place in the Ming Hsien Hall at Tunghai University on May 14 with Mr. Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung, and President Haydn Chen of Tunghai University presiding over the opening ceremony for that evening's performance. A second performance took place under the aegis of the English Club of the China Medical College in Taichung on May 31. The third and final performance was staged at Providence University on June 3. The size of these venues and the quality of the performances thus contributed to making the 2008 Seniors Play one of the most successful and widely attended in the history of the Tunghai Department of Foreign Languages.
Henk Vynckier, Faculty Adviser for the 2008 Seniors Play
Oct. 23, 2009