Words from the Chair

1st August, 2016

Dear Freshmen of the FLLD,

When a new course starts, I always invite my students to ask themselves these two questions: Why are you taking this course? What do you want to learn from it? In my view, defining one's purposes of being somewhere and doing something is a very important step one must take to get closer to his or her goals. Once that is fixed, one can then make endeavors and take responsibilities for what is expected to come.

Quite unfortunately, the truth of being a college student has been much disguised in Taiwan, which tempts some of you to think that going to college is like taking part in a festive masquerade. However, the college is neither a funfair nor a playground. It is a place where you learn to set up a solid foundation for yourself in order to stand firm in the future.

I am confident that the FLLD is such a place. You are welcome to join us and try to move towards your goals once you make sure this is the right place for you. I wish you all a very fruitful journey of searching and discovering. Be prepared to face challenges with a clear mind.

Warm regards,
Chi-chang Tsai,
Chair, The FLLD