The main features of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature are:

1. Small Class Teaching
The Tunghai FLLD has a tradition of providing education in small classes, including a 3-year required sequence of English Composition and Oral Training courses and undergraduate seminars. Language training courses, such as Composition, Oral Training, Freshman English, etc., are limited to 20 students. Advanced literature courses, such as seminars, are limited to 20 students maximum. Every year the FLLD takes in two sections of just 50 students each to maintain the tradition are quality of small class teaching. Small classes provide students with an environment that allows them to absorb with confidence the class materials and also increases personal interaction between students and teachers. Teachers are quickly aware of their students' abilities and problems and can step in to help and encourage.

2. All-English Environment
All courses in the Undergraduate and Graduate Program are taught in English, including required language-training courses, required literature courses, electives, and seminars. All teachers, both foreign and local professors, use English in and outside the classroom to provide students with the opportunity to practice English in a natural environment. This Department is rare in Taiwan in providing an all-English environment for students. English texts encourage and lead students to think, write, and express themselves in the language. Students gain knowledge and understanding of English and American literature, and become able to think independently and do their own research. This gives them a vast advantage whatever they pursue after graduation, and wherever they pursue it.

3. An Innovative Teaching / Learning Culture
The Department's international faculty, close relationship with alumni, and central location near other major universities, schools, government institutes, and the Central Taiwan Science Park, fosters a dynamic and innovative teaching/learning environment for students and teachers. The Department cooperates with major Taiwanese IT and software manufacturers, government institutes and local universities and schools to develop new "paperless" courses and organize academic lectures, teacher training programs, field trips, summer internships, and English contests.