The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLD) was one of the original departments of Tunghai University, established in 1955, and continues to be one of Tunghai's most highly regarded departments. At present, the Department focuses on undergraduate courses for English Majors, the MA Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and language courses in German, French, and Spanish for all Tunghai students. Approximately 440 students are majoring in English, 40 students enrolled in the MA Program in TEFL, and around 600 students take second foreign language courses. In recent years, the Departmen is also increasingly attracting foreign students into both its BA and MA programs. The Department has 21 full-time and 19 part-time faculty members to support these different programs. Approximately half of the teachers are foreign teachers and half are Taiwanese. Tunghai FLLD's unique tradition mandates small classes taught in English, and teacher-student relationships are close providing students with plenty of individual attention. In its long history, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature has cultivated many well-educated students who are the forefront in their fields and remains dedicated to Tunghai University's objective to be "a university with a pioneering spirit."