August 1, 2022
Dear Incoming Freshmen,
       I would like to congratulate you on entering the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLLD) at Tunghai University in this Fall 2022. You are cordially welcome to join the FLLD family and learning community where you will walk on a new path and prepare for this next milestone in your life.

The FLLD, one of Tunghai's most highly regarded departments, continues to cultivate well-educated students by offering language- and literature-related courses in small classes. Our department located in the Language Building maintains an international context where local and foreign students could gather together and mutually share individual cultural norms or social values. Additionally, you may consider participating in a student exchange program abroad and expose yourself to the world of infinite options. If needed, you could take a double major or any minor to expand the scope of personal career development.

     The four years of college are usually of paramount importance in every student's life journey. They represent new freedom, new responsibilities, and new opportunities, and as such is ripe for exploring your true potentials and achieving genuine success. The motto for your reference is :“if you keep the faith and take action, miracles happen.” Other than that, please remember to care for yourself amidst all the studying and socializing. Make your health a priority, in particular, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

     We are delighted to offer you any assistance when you are adjusting yourself to the FLLD community and college life. Should you wish to contact us, you may call Ms. Daisy Chuang at (04) 2359-0121 #31201 or myself at (04) 2359-0121 #31217. You also could reach us by writing to daisych@thu.edu.tw (Ms. Chuang) or mliu@thu.edu.tw (Mei-hui Liu). At the same time, I invite you to keep up with the FLLD activities and accomplishments through our official website (
http://flld.thu.edu.tw/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FLLDTunghaiUniversityofficialwebsite).

     We are looking forward to meeting you on campus very soon.


Dr. Mei-hui Liu, Associate Professor and Chair