Feb. 20, 2021
To Interested Applicants/High School Students,
        In September you will enroll in college and begin a new chapter in your life.  Many of you, no doubt, feel excited about this opportunity, but may also be a bit nervous about what the future holds and the choices you are facing.
        At this important time in your life, I would like to invite you to examine the materials we have posted on our homepage and get to know the Tunghai Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature has been in existence since 1955 and has a tradition of excellence in teaching undergraduate students. We are the biggest department at Tunghai University (with twenty-one fulltime teachers) and teach a whole range of English courses and courses in other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese, as well as MA courses in different fields. We also have certificate programs in European Language and Culture, Translation and Interpretation, and Asian Languages and Culture. In recent years, moreover, with the help of our alumni, we have created tuition scholarships for study in the department and travel scholarships for summer school at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.
        I am confident, therefore, that the Tunghai FLLD is an exciting place for young people where you will acquire skills that will serve you well in the years and decades to come. You may not be entirely sure about your goals at this stage, but we will offer you interesting educational challenges and a fruitful journey of searching and discovering. The world in which we live is increasingly global and, as our many thousands of alumni can testify, the FLLD’s courses and programs prepare you for this ever more global world.
        I hope to see you in Tunghai in the near future and would be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time. Should you wish to contact us, you may call Ms. Chuang Meihua at (04) 23590121-31201 or myself at (04) 2359-0121-31220 or write to daisych@thu.edu.tw (Ms. Chuang) or hvynck@thu.edu.tw (H. Vynckier).


         Dr. Henk Vynckier
         Professor and Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
         Tunghai University, Taichung, TW